If We Haven’t Got Any Bread, We’ll Have To Have Toast

Toasted Bread

My grandfather had a multitude of sayings, some of which, to six year old ears, sounded very ‘half-baked’ (excuse the pun). “If we haven’t got any bread, we’ll have to have toast” was one of them. ‘How on earth can you make toast if you haven’t got any bread?’ was the only thing that my brain would equate at that age. And I used to tell him off for being silly.

Plantain – A Very Humble & Persistent Little Weed


Plantain (Plantago Major L.) is generally considered to be a weed; one description even reads ‘a short, fat, ugly weed’!! But beauty is in the eye of the beholder. In actuality Plantain has a long history as one of the best healing herbs on the planet; and is probably the biggest masochist of the plant world – it loves to be trampled. 
Plantains leaves have been used for centuries all over the world as a remedy for wounds, bites, stings and problems related to the skin.

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