Permaculture & Regenerative Agriculture Design & Consultancy services.

What you will find in our Services section

An overview of different land management, agronomic systems and approaches. As in nature, nothing is ‘set in stone’, each site is unique and may call for an overlap of approaches or a combination of systems.
There is no such thing as ‘one size fits all’ and a site may need different approaches in different areas.

How we work, our Ethics and the benefits of the systems. An overview of our Design Process and options available that can be mixed and matched. Our professional approach extends the flexibility  found in our design systems to the needs and criteria of our clients.

Permaculture & Regenerative design is about more than just choosing which elements to incorporate. It is about choosing the right elements for their functions, how they connect together, their relationship with each other and with the landscape around them. An intelligent, conscious design that is always ‘green’, always ‘Eco’, but way beyond ‘Organic’.
A small example of the types of elements that can be incorporated into designs for inspiration.

Our Consultancy Services include; Neutral Grassland Restoration, Ecological Restoration, Soil Regeneration & Microbial Remediation and Design Consultancy – for those who would prefer to undertake their own design with the aid of a consultant

Learning Tree Permaculture is a member of the Permaculture Association
The Permaculture Association works to radically and positively change the way we live in the UK and actively supports a worldwide movement.

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