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You can find interesting plants everywhere in Britain and Ireland. This site is intended to help you identify them. You are presented with a questionnaire on the characteristics of the plant you are trying to identify. Fill in the form and press search, the computer then tris to identify the plant you have found.You can also like to use the system to obtain a check-list of plants from a particular habitat or perhaps find flowers of a particular colour to grow in your garden. There are many uses for the system.

Terminology specific to Seeds & Plants

Seeds & Plants have specialised words or phrases (terminology) that are used to describe their status. Specialised terminology is also used to describe specific behaviours. The status and behaviour of seeds & plants is important when making a choice of what to buy. Especially when cost is a contributing factor.

Basically there are two main ways to describe your seeds, the genetics of your seeds and how your seeds were grown. The most significant distinction if you want to save seeds from your plants to grow the following year, is ‘do the plants produce seeds that are true to type’? In other words will the seeds produce baby plants that are the same as the parent? Hybrid seeds will never do this.

HeirloomHeirlooms are seed varieties that are at least 50 years old (the variety, not the seed itself), and you can save these seeds and plant them year after year. Heirlooms are never hybrids or GMOs. Can be applied to seeds that have passed down within a family or group.
HeritageAn interchangeable term with Heirloom (above) referring to an open pollinated variety that has been grown for many years.
Open PollinatedIs when pollination occurs by insect, bird, wind, humans, or other natural mechanisms.
Because there are no restrictions on the flow of pollen between individuals, open-pollinated plants are more genetically diverse. This can cause a greater amount of variation within plant populations, which allows plants to slowly adapt to local growing conditions and climate year-to-year. As long as pollen is not shared between different varieties within the same species, then the seed produced will remain true-to-type year after year
GMOGMOs are Genetically Modified seeds.  They are created in a lab where the basic genetic material of the seed is being altered, usually to make them resistant to an herbicide.
F1 HybridHybrids are crosses of heirloom varieties that have been deliberately created to breed a desired trait.  However, any seed produced by F1 plants is genetically unstable. If you save hybrid seeds, you won’t get what you expect.  Sometimes it is good and sometimes it is bad, or sometimes it doesn’t work at all.
PerennialIs simply a plant that lives for more than two years. These plants either do not die back in the winter or die back and regrow the following spring. They will provide you with a harvest year on year, for several years until they do eventually die. Without the need to replant every year, there is minimal disturbance of the soil, so that the natural processes are preserved. This allows the natural organisms to thrive, increasing the soil’s overall health and therefore that of your plants
OrganicOrganic seeds are grown without synthetic pesticides, herbicides and synthetic fertilizers. In the UK they have to be certified by the Soil Association to be labelled ‘Organic’.
Bare RootBare root plants are dormant (not actively growing) perennial plants that are dug up and supplied without any soil around their roots. Without soil the plants weigh less and are easier for the seller to ship. Once you place the plant in the ground or in potting soil and add moisture, the plant will start to grow again.

Learn more about the importance of seed and why it is essential that we start with the right seeds and then go on to save seeds.

Seed & Plants - Suppliers

Suppliers are listed in alphabetical order, not for any preference.
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Heirloom & Perennial supply

•heirloom seeds •vegetable seeds •flower seeds •herb seeds •perennial seeds •tree seeds •forest garden & permaculture seeds •organic seeds.

All open pollinated. No GMOs or F1s.

A family run herb farm with over 30 years’ experience in growing and using medicinal and culinary herb plants and seeds. 
We follow sustainable, organic and environmentally sensitive practices and all of our herb plants are grown for the British garden. Our herb seeds are untreated and can be used to grow organic herb plants.

Plants of Distinction

are a small family run business that have been trading for 25 years from their offices in the historic market town of Needham Market set in the heart of the East Anglian countryside.

About Plants of Distinction

“Simply splendid flower seeds and vegetable seeds.
From kitchen garden to cutting garden, discover new, unusual, heritage and heirloom flowers and vegetables.”


Real Seeds is a catalogue of real seeds for real gardeners wanting to grow proper vegetables.

About Real Seeds

“We don’t just sell seed; we’re gardeners and also grow these veg for our own use at home,
so we really know how they grow & how they taste.

We only offer what we think is really good,
rather than listing lots of different varieties just for the sake of it.
Every vegetable here has been chosen – from hundreds of trials – for a particular reason, which we try to explain in the description.”

Seed Co-operative

The Seed Co-operative exists to shine a spotlight on the vital, but all-too-often forgotten, role of the humble seed in building a resilient food system. 
We grow, process and sell organic, open-pollinated seed for the UK and beyond, and develop new varieties through organic plant breeding, to support the collective work of those striving towards making agro-ecological farming and food sovereignty a reality. We want you to know where your seed comes from; who grew it and where, and even who bred each variety.

Top Quality Plants, Veg and Fruit from Suttons Seeds
"Suttons in one of the world’s leading gardening brands, with over 200 years of experience and a Royal Warrant. 
They have an extensive range of seeds, bulbs, plants, fruit & veg, equipment and outdoor living products,
allowing new and experienced gardeners to make the most of their outdoor space."

Of particular interest are the:

Heritage Vegetable Seed Range
Native British Wildflower Range
Seeds for Bees.
Bare root fruit bushes and trees
Classic funky fruit presses for turning your harvest into imbibable liquids
Biological Pest Control
(get your ladybirds here)

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