Hen Keeping – Mike Hatcher


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  • Over 50 breeds of hen are featured, including heavy, light, and bantam breeds
  • Beginner-friendly guide to getting started includes choosing your birds and getting set up for the first time
  • Expert advice on housing, food and water, daily care, disease prevention, encouraging egg production, breeding, and more
  • Useful tips for winterizing, going on vacation, and exhibiting your birds, plus a FAQ section, resources, and glossary

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Hen Keeping is a comprehensive beginner’s book. This introduction to raising chickens covers the key aspects of keeping your own hens and benefiting from the produce!

If you’re concerned about living a healthier and more sustainable lifestyle, this handbook is meant to help. Offering advice on what to do. How to do it better, and how to save money by raising your own chickens!

Hen Keeping is packed with information on housing, food and water, daily care, disease prevention and cure, encouraging egg production and breeding. There is also comprehensive information on available breeds and a list of useful resources.

You don’t need a large garden to keep poultry. An average family only needs a couple of hens in order to keep well-stocked in fresh eggs all year round. The set-up costs are minimal and you don’t need a whole host of expensive gadgets or equipment to care for your chickens.

This authoritative book provides an introduction to the key aspects of acquiring a self-sufficient lifestyle by keeping your own chickens. Self-sufficiency and organic living have never been more prominent, and hen keeping is becoming an increasingly popular way to ensure you have fresh produce at your fingertips!


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