German Chamomile (Powdered Flowers)


Our Chamomile is:

Wildcrafted (grown naturally & without pollutants) and sustainably harvested.
Not irradiated or heat treated and free from GMO’s
Product should be infused in boiling water before consumption.
A certificate of analysis is available for this product if required.

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German Chamomile – 50g

German Chamomile is listed as having the following Properties:

Anti-inflammatory – reduces inflammation.
Antioxidant – inhibits oxidation that produces free radicals which cause damage to the cells.
Mild Astringent – encourages skin cells to contract.
Carminative: – relieving flatulence.
Sedative: – promoting calm or inducing sleep.
Tonic: – giving a feeling of vigour or well-being.

German Chamomile Benefits:

The skin.
The digestive system.
The respiratory system.
The nervous system.
The musculoskeletal system.

Cautions for German Chamomile:

A relatively low percentage of people are sensitive to chamomile and can develop an allergic reaction. If you are sensitive to ragweed, chrysanthemums or other members of the Compositae family, you may be prone to develop contact allergies to chamomile.


Nuts; gluten; celery; milk/dairy and mustard are handled on the site where this product is processed. Handling procedures are in place to reduce the likelihood of allergens being present, but we cannot guarantee our ingredients are totally free of traces in the product supplied.

Information provided is from the ‘folk herbalist’ tradition and does not pretend to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or condition. Learning Tree Permaculture advises you to consult a medical professional before trying any herbal product.

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