Herbal Apothecary

Historically Herbs for a herbal apothecary were either grown in the cottage garden or foraged in the hedgerows of country lanes or field edges. Foraging in the countryside of the UK today is not always a viable proposition.

• Country lanes are now often used as shortcuts to avoid main-road traffic, polluting everything growing on the verges with exhaust fumes. • Farmers fields have become industrial monocrop ventures that are sprayed with insecticides, herbicides, fungicides and chemical fertilisers. • Hedgerows where they still exist are very rarely left to be ‘natural’. • Even our wild areas are now ‘managed’ and we cannot be sure what substances are being used. • Unless you are 100% guaranteed that no harmful substances have been used it is unwise to use plants growing in these areas. Especially for human application.

Not all of us have enough land to grow our own. Many people live in urban/suburban areas where we are lucky to have a garden at all. If we do, then we may only have enough space to grow a few of our required herbs.

• Herbal Apothecary herbs come from an ethical supplier • 100% natural, wildcrafted (or cultivated in nature) • Non-irradiated – GMO free • A certificate of analysis is available if required.

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