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Courses Hosted on Learning Tree Online

Before you can enrol on a course you will need to complete the Student Registration (link in right sidebar – this enables us to stay in touch with you and provide support).
Once you are registered as a student you will gain access to your own personal dashboard and when you have completed the enrollment process for a course it will appear there.

Learn online, from anywhere

All Learning Tree Permaculture Online courses take place online (who’d have guessed?). You can access them on desktop, tablet or mobile.

Learn anytime, at your own pace

Once you enrol on a course, you can learn whenever you like, at a pace that suits you. You don’t need to be online at a certain time and all materials stay available after the course ends.

Learning Tree Hosted Courses

Courses Hosted on Other Platforms

Links will take you to the hosting platform where you will be able to undertake registration. Support will also be provided directly from the hosting platform and/or organisation providing the course delivery.

Courses Hosted by The Food Revolution Network

Health is your greatest wealth. More important than money, or fame, or even reputation.
Certain foods fuel it, and others undermine it.
John is one of the world’s most beloved natural health experts. His books have sold millions of copies, and he’s widely considered one of the leaders of the modern “health food” movement.
In this brilliant Masterclass, you’ll discover the four most dangerous food lies that most people still believe. And you’ll find out about 10 mighty plant-powered breakthroughs that could save millions of lives.

Free Films

The Power of Community: How Cuba Survived Peak Oil

The Enormous, World-Crushing American Boot came down on Cuba’s face, but the face by some miracle did not break.

Seeds of Freedom

The story of seed has become one of loss, control, dependence and debt. It’s been written by those who want to make vast profit from our food system, no matter what the true cost. It’s time to change the story.

The Need To Grow

The world is running out of farmable soil. Thankfully, there are solutions.
Rosario Dawson’s award-winning film, The Need To Grow, highlights these game-changing solutions that can save our food system. You can watch the documentary here today — FREE for a limited time: 

If you have any questions or would like further information please Contact Us. Also feel free to tell us if there is anything in particular that you would like to see as an online course. 

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