Welcome to the Courses section, we live in strange times, where the need to be resilient and create our own food security has never been greater (at least since WWII).

Whatever the circumstances are that cause the problem (in the case of Cuba, it was the downfall of the Soviet Union), we are all at risk.

At present gobally it is a virus and in the near future for the UK it will the finalising of Brexit and our ability as a country to keep our shops stocked. The problem is the same, we need to find ways to meet as many of our own needs as possible.

Permaculture provides a solution – Apply Permaculture design principles to growing food and you will get up to 7x the yield.

The Power of Community. How Cuba Survived Peak Oil (sub español)

Introduction to Permaculture Design Courses

Available as intensive 2 day sessions, 4 half-day sessions or 6 x 2 hour sessions.

Introduction to Permaculture design courses explore permaculture ethics and principles. Examining the design process and tools, plus case studies. Additionally there is also the opportunity to find out about the history of permaculture.
Including practical sessions, the introduction provides an interactive learning experience. Seeing how permaculture design can be applied in our everyday life, through a short design exercise. The opportunity to work as part of a group creates a very sociable, and enjoyable experience.
By the end of this course you will understand the relevance and application of permaculture. Inspiring and empowering you to start thinking and practising permaculture in your daily life.

Introduction to Permaculture Course

Please note that whilst we have the current coronavirus situation, physical courses will not be running. We are hoping that by autumn we will be back up and running, until then we cannot publish a price for the course as a large part of the cost is how much the venue costs us to hire. In the meantime, if you would like us to email you as soon as we have any fixed dates, please register your interest using the form below. This does not commit you to undertaking the course.

Outline of Course

Input Output Analysis –
Ethics of permaculture –
Principles of Permaculture –
Site Tour –
Listening to the Landscape –
Permaculture Gardening –
The Design Process –
Designing on Site –
Designing on Paper –
Design Presentation

Analysis of Elements – Observation – Relative location – Beneficial relationships
Introduction to the Ethics – Learn to apply and relate them
Introduction to David Holmgren’s 12 Permaculture Design Principles as a guide to designing
Site is dependent upon the location of the course
An observation exercise
Integrating previous learning and applying it
Introduction to Permaculture Design Process and tools and application
Experience of surveying a site
Practice in creating a site plan
A chance to present your design

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More Courses will be coming shortly

For more information on Permaculture see What is Permaculture. You can also find out about Permaculture Ethics and the Permaculture Principles. Also try our Recommended Books.

If you would like more information, have any questions or would like to see a course on a particular subject please contact us.

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