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About Learning Tree Permaculture

Learning Tree Permaculture is a learning and design platform. All courses, workshops and design services are regulated and guided by Permaculture Ethics & Principles.

Profile - Chris Hurst - Designer & Teacher

Chris is a qualified Permaculture designer, and teacher. She gained her Permaculture Design Certificate (PDC) in 2010 with the Permaculture Association at Keveral Farm in Cornwall.
She is currently working toward the Diploma in Applied Permaculture Design (DAPD), again with the Permaculture Association.
Qualified to teach and train adults (AET3), she is also trained to teach Permaculture (PToT). She has spent the last 10 years as a designer and teacher.

About - Learning Tree Permaculture

“I specialise in teaching Permaculture and all things ‘Wild and Earthy’, designing food producing ecosystems and regenarative farming practices.
As a child I was taught the ‘Old Ways’ by my grandparents. They taught me self-resilience; how to grow my own food, how to forage, identify edible wild plants and how to save seed. They also taught me recipes and how to preserve the things that you had gathered.
I also learned a lot of interesting folklore and customs/practices. Including all sorts of strange things such as which nights of the year to leave food/drink out for the Fae Folk to keep them sweet.
As I grew up I spent many years working on local farms, gathering more knowledge and skills. I became an eco-warrior and went on to study conservation at university.
At the same time I also passed on the knowledge gained from my grandparents, teaching others the knowledge that they had given me.”