Gardens & Edible Ecosystems

Gardens & Edible Ecosystems

We solve problems and provide solutions for homes, farms and community projects by Designing Gardens & Edible Ecosystems

Foodscapes, Gardens for Wildlife
& Regenerative Landscapes

Taking ‘Eco’ & ‘Green’ to beyond ‘Organic’

Farm or Garden; Big or Small; obtain up to 7 times the yield from your site. Create Food Security, Resilience and Sustainability.

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Permaculture & Agroecology

Gardens & Edible Ecosystems

How We Work

Our Gardens & Edible Ecosystems design always start with our clients briefing. We then collect all of the essential scientific information that will be required. This includes climate, topography, rainfall & water, wind directions & speeds, sunlight angles as well as existing structures.
All of this information is then consolidated into a base map, onto which we can plot the best positions for new desired elements. The relationships between these elements; how they connect and feed into each other is always foremost in our designs.
Our aim is to create a system that has a natural synergy. Working in harmony, in exactly the same way that natural ecosystems work.

Edible Landscape Design - Nature

Earth Care
People Care
Future Care

Ethics, The Principles of Nature & Science

We look to nature for our inspiration for design because natural systems are intelligent, conscious designs. Nature has spent millenia perfecting techniques that actually work and solve problems.
Edible Ecosystems using Permaculture design principles is about more than just choosing the right things. It is about how we connect them together, creating relationships with each other and the site.
By using the science of ecosystems, and applying to our designs, we can provide unique solutions to individual needs within a project.

The Design Process itself is a ‘feedback loop’ designed to work in the same way that feedback loops work in nature. Creating designs for the real world, where things evolve and change happens.

The Benefits of Permaculture & Agroecology

Gardens & Edible Ecosystems

For People & Community

  • Increased wellbeing – working with nature is good for physical & mental health
  • Growing your own food gives you greater food security
  • Save time, money & energy
  • Creates the potential for new additional sources of income
  • Gives a positive existence that is good for the Earth & creates community spirit

For The Land

  • Builds soil, increasing fertility and stopping erosion
  • Provides solutions to protect against flood and drought
  • Increases capture & storage of water, energy & nutrients
  • Obtain multiple, diverse yields all year round
  • Saves time, energy & money by increasing efficiency
  • Eliminates the need for polluting, dangerous agrochemicals
  • Turns organic waste into usable products

Learning Tree Permaculture is a member of the Permaculture Association
The Permaculture Association works to radically and positively change the way we live in the UK and actively supports a worldwide movement.