If We Haven’t Got Any Bread, We’ll Have To Have Toast

Toasted Bread

My grandfather had a multitude of sayings, some of which, to six year old ears, sounded very ‘half-baked’ (excuse the pun). “If we haven’t got any bread, we’ll have to have toast” was one of them. ‘How on earth can you make toast if you haven’t got any bread?’ was the only thing that my brain would equate at that age. And I used to tell him off for being silly.

Putting the Burms to Bed

Putting the Burms to Bed

I remember as a child that you couldn’t dig the soil without a profusion of earth-worms being raised to the surface. The blackbird, watching patiently from the nearby hedge and the Robin, hopping from vantage point to vantage point were also in attendance; both anticipating a sumptuous lunch once the two-legs had cleared off.
Sue sat cross-legged on the edge of the lawn, systematically poking her finger into the soil

Plants are Great Gardeners

Plants are Great Gardeners - Ectomycorrhizae

Our Story Begins…… 470 million years ago, when the first larger organisms started to colonise the land. The first pioneers were lichens – an association between a fungus and a photobiont (an algae and/or cyanobacteria). Like all fungi, lichen-fungi require carbon as a food source; this is provided in the form of simple sugars by … Read more

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